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To tell the story of "Mi Alma", we have to go back a few years.

On a sunny afternoon, in an unknown location, together with a few friends, (purely for fun) with incredible nonchalance, we recorded "Alma Alvarez", who delighted in creating mischievous and fun thoughts, thus recording her unmistakeable laugh. I later used that same voice in a number of my musical sets. 


In December 2017, I was creating a song, and while seeking a voice that could characterize the music I had written, as if by magic, I came upon this recording. 


Initially I only used her unmistakeable laugh, but then modifying the length and the tone of her voice, I rhythmically timed out one of her mischievous and fun thoughts.

...and it was that "Mi Alma" was born, a light deep disc, that heavily recalls the magic 80s, with current sounds and rhythms.


In the video, other than the images of a dance situation, I inserted lips, that tell the story with sensuality and mischief. 





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