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R.F.M. Born in the late 80s. Three young DJs: Rudy.B.Dj, Franco Miccoli and Max Jam meet and for playing/messing around create various musical productions.

At that time "Rave is your party" was born, having two versions with different intentions, one (Rave Is Your Party) in which a young Max Jam (Great Screamer) incites and transmits great energy and another ethereal version (Mio Dio Version ), in which we can hear Rudy.B.Dj, who, in a deep voice, speaks of an Apocalyptic Future. With them Franco Miccoli (who would later become Double FM With Franco moiraghi) also collabored.

Together they would create this futuristic song in Riccione (Italy), in the legendary recording studio of Paul Manners (former leader of the "Grammar School" and member of the Italian group "Cugini di campagna")

The song is proposed to various Italian producers, but initially it is rejected, and then accepted in distribution from Lombardoni to Milan. Thus the distribution of the disc starts,with not advertisig or radio presence, just a song  printed on 1000 copies of vinyls.

Reprint opon 'reprint, slowly, it begins to move in the Italian record market and reaches in London it reached fourth place in trending tracks.

The license is then sold in Spain, Argentina and many other countries,  having significant success, even though,forthe early90s,it was ahead of its time for its musical genre.

 The success of the piece is surely due to the contrast between a hot instrument like the saxophone, the electtronic sounds and the two voices, one the opposite of the other.

Rudy, Franco and Max have promised to make a remix of this song, but due to conflicting personal commitments this has proven unlikely but who knows what the future hold


The logo was born from the creativity of

Roberto Corbelli


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